Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Laugh: Guest Post

It's great today to be able to introduce you to Bev Hodgson.

Laugh, laughter, laughing

Starting point
– What makes us laugh?

I guess we all laugh at different things. I will always try to find something to laugh
about. Laughter lightens my burdens and helps me get through difficult times.
Perhaps that’s my medical background, where laughter provided a release in trying
circumstances. It’s also infectious: how often does one person’s laughter set another
off – and in the end you forget what you’re laughing at? I know that a good laugh lifts
me, and the effect is positive and lasts a long time.

Laughter crosses all boundaries – is infectious – and can bring us together.

Quote – Laughter is the action or sound of laughing.

Over the Easter holidays, I was working (playing?) in my craft room with the window
open. The two young children opposite us were playing in their garden and their
laughing and giggling really brightened each day. I loved hearing them; they brought
a smile to my face. I miss them now that they are back at school.

Bible Verse – Job 8 v 21: He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with
shouts of joy.

My journal page
The bubbles reflect how laughter bubbles up inside us and how it can be difficult to
hold our laughter in. The circles show how laughter can surround us and spread from
person to person. I have used bright colours on the flowers and background because
when we laugh we can feel brighter.

 Inside the pocket are things that make me laugh –
water fights, playing with bubbles, daft jokes.
Give thanks for the gift of laughter.

Thanks Bev.  Such a bright and happy journal page.

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