Thursday, 1 May 2014

21 days in May

Welcome to the start of The Art of Practising Gratitude.

There is no prompt for today just a time to sort out what you need for the rest of the month.   The first prompt will be posted tomorrow.   Have a look back at my previous post for information about how this works.

Supply List
I don't like to prescribe specific art supplies - I much prefer you to use what you have - but I have put together a list of things you might need.  There are one or two items like Spray Starch and Shaving Cream which are necessary for particular techniques but for other techniques experiment with what you own.  Your result will be different from the technique video but it will make your journal, or whatever you choose to use, much more individual.

When you look at my pages on NewlyCreative they are there solely for inspiration, not for you to copy.  I use a lot of Dylusions and other Ranger products but you don't have to.  Use what you have.

Quotes and Bible Verses
Each day there is a quote or a Bible verse for you to use on your page if you wish.   If you want to be able to print them out in one go rather than each day then you can download them here:
Quotes              Bible Verses

Welcome to all those who are following the blog and have joined the group on Facebook.  I am thrilled by all the new people who are planning to join in and thankful for those who are regulars to my art challenge blogs and want to continue.

I would recommend that you follow the blog through a reader, (I use Feedly,) an RSS feed or whatever way you choose to follow blogs.   There is also the option to have an email subscription.

You might also want to follow NewlyCreative through May too where I will be posting my journal.

Blog linky
If you would like to put a blog linky (I'm sure it has a proper name) on your blog, please download this image by right clicking on it:
Please link it to:


Social Media
If you share your work anywhere besides through the linky, the Facebook group or Flickr, please add this tag:    #21daysinMay2014


Remember the rule: this is your project and you do it the way you want to.  There are no other rules!

Oh, sorry there IS another rule!
 Have fun!


  1. love that you gave us the verses and quotes, I printed and am gathering my supplies and ideas to begin tomorrow. Thanks for your generousity!

  2. Getting ready for tomorrow!